Tuesday, 3 March 2015

TonyMoly Fruit Cosmetics Review

Having had my eye on TonyMoly's fruit creams for a while, I finally decided to take the plunge and order them.
I placed my order on Feb 12th, from Taehoshop on Ebay.

    I got the red apple, and peach hand creams, as I use moisturiser a lot, especially in cold weather.

                                                 The parcel arrived yesterday, (2nd March).
                   Not the quickest shipping ever, as it took two and half weeks. But not terrible.

               Both items came wrapped in bubblewrap, in a small box that fit them perfectly.
I also got a free sample of a banana hand cream, and a leaflet of special offers for daily-pick.com.
I used the banana sample straight away, and it was lovely! It smelled like banana cake, and completely soothed my hands that had just come in from the cold. 

 The apple cream was £4.64 and comes with a little spatula, but honestly I didnt use it. 
I used this cream just before bed, and found that although the cream itself if quite sticky, once it's on it dries completely smooth. This morning, my skin so smooth and soft!
This cream smells like real apples, it's very fresh.

The peach cream was £4.06 and also smells like real fruit. Like peaches.
This one is smoother and less sticky than the apple one, but it stays wet on the skin a lot longer.

Overall I really like them, they're really nice for such a low price and absolutely worth it imho.

Thank You for reading, I hope you found this review useful!

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