Friday, 6 March 2015

Sailor Moon Star Wand Pointers

Part of the Sialor Moon 20th Anniversarry series of merchandise are these pointers, styled after the transformation wands from the anime.

They are more delicate, and higher quality than the toy versions, and are considered stationary.


The whole box glitters, inside and out. The back features artwork from the original anime of each of the Inner Senshi.

 The wands themselves are beautiful. They are metal, and extend under the "head" of the wand. 
They have the name of their corresponding Scout written on the side, and have pen-like clips on the end so you could keep them in a bag pocket safely.

(Mini Cutie-Rod Pointer!)

These are very different from the toy wands, and are obviously aimed at an older age group. They're just as perfectly detailed though and I absolutely love them.
I bought this set second hand from Mandarake.

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