Wednesday, 4 March 2015

GoldenPonies Holographic Shoes

I don't remember how I came across the GoldenPonies site, but I immediately fell in love with their holographic shoes. The site currently doesn't have an oficial image of the T-bar style in the holographic colour, so here are the oxfords, pictured in holo, and the "Marianne t-bar" pictured in gold.

I placed my order on January 6th, and they arrived on March 1st.
The standard shipping time is listed as 15 days, but all the shoes and bags are handmade and I don't think they had ready stock of the Marianne style in holographic, so the extra time was no problem.

They are based in Mexico, and the parcel did not end up in customs when it came to the UK!

The shoes themselves are gorgeous. They are a true holographic, and shine with all the colours of the rainbow.

The soles are a smooth plastic, so they were quite slippery at first. But a quick walk outside soon fixed that. The first time wearing them, the soles were quite hard. Not unbearable, still comfortable enough to wear all afternoon, but they still need a little breaking in. 

        Overall, I love them. The colour is gorgeous, they are comfortable, and run true to size.
                                I'm seriously considering ordering a matching bag from them.

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  1. They are sooooo cute! I had holographic shoes once, and I'm dying to buy a new pair!



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