Sunday, 25 January 2015

"Opposites Attract" Outfit Planning

The valentines meetup is coming up soon, and the theme is "Opposites Attract"! This means I can really flex my "twinning" muscles. I adore twin outfits, as a concept and a look.

First, Nun Lolita and Dandy;

\despite the massive popularity of nun-lolita in the last year, I haven't seen many boystyle counterparts. So this is my attempt at creating one!

Waistcoat: AATP
Neckpiece: metamorphose
Shorts: F+F

Dress: Metamorphose
neckpiece: Marble
Socks: BTSSB
Next, I decided to use my two Meta Nun OPs to create identical opposites

Both Dresses; metamorphose
Black bolero: Putumayo
White bolero: vintage
Black hat: Miho Matsuda
White Hat: offbrand and hand-decorated.
Both pairs of socks and shoes: Metamorphose

The other item I have a duplicate of is AATP Vampire Requiem. I have the red JSK and Black Skirt, so used those to creat vampire twins!

JSK and Skirt: AATP
Blue Blouse: Metamorphose
Both pairs of Socks: Metamorphose
Headbow with print: Baby
Solid black headbow: Heart E
Ribbon chokers from Etsy stores.
All decorative roses offbrand!

Which is your favourite? Do you like twin styles?


  1. Ii'm in love!! Which e are you going to wear? Are you going to wear all of them? Do you plan to wear them with a specific/special someone?

    1. I'm glad you like them! I'm not sure which to wear yet. For the meetup itself I'm hoping to plan something with a friend to wear together, but not necessarily these exact outfits since she'll have her own things to work with too.

  2. Are we going to the same meet-up? I'm definitely going in a Kodona/Ouji outfit for the one I am going to - something Gothic, a bit baroque... I love all the outfits you have here - they all err to the Gothic at least a little bit so are bound to be a hit with me! While I like your tasteful incorporation of subtle Catholic imagery into the two 'nun' co-ordinates. They're not too actually /nun/-like, nor look like you're dressing up as the Virgin Mary, which seems to me a lot more tasteful than some-cords! I'm not sure the cross tights look right for the boystyle version, but I don't think I've been Loli long enough to really comment on that. What's the head-dress for the Lolita version? I can't quite make it out on my screen >.< All I can tell is that it looks ornate and pearly/silver/white. My favourite co-ord is probably the blackXwhiteXpink version of the Vampire Requiem skirt.

    1. If your are coming down to Glasgow for it, then yes, we possibly are going to the same meet!
      I'm glad you like my ideas! Thank you. The head dress for the lolita nun is the headband with crosses standing up on it. It is pearly white!