Thursday, 1 January 2015

10 Years a Lolita

This year, 2015 marks my tenth active in Lolita fashion. That's a little scary to me, as I often still think of myself as just getting started ;D

I decided to mark the occasion by giving a year-by-year run down of my experience in dressing Lolita. Complete with photos, bad and good. Starting with the first time I ever wore something "lolita";

 photo YAYHAT.jpg

*insert screming sound-effect*

Summer break, 2005. My mum gave me her old frilly shirts and 'new romantic' clothing. It was the closest thing I'd seen in real life to the Lolita clothes I loved so much on online.
Obviously back then, I still had no idea if I liked Dandy or Lolita more... but didn't realise how bad an idea it was to combine the two.
Oh well! We all start somewhere.. right?

By 06 I got the hang of separating the two;

 photo Kodona.jpg

But was still as new as new can be!

In 2007, I bought my first brand piece.
 photo 2007Lolita.jpg

"side frill rose skirt" by Metamorphose, I believe. I was so happy! There is even a photo of me on Metamorphose' "go go lolita-chan" page, as their Scotland Lolita from back then;
I was so proud at the time...

2007 is also when I first started attending Scotloli meetups! We were a small group, run through LJ. There were only about 4 of us, and the other three were all older, more experienced and better dressed than me. I was naturally quite intimidated, but also completely smitten with my new idols ;D

2008 was more of the same, more Metamorphose, more meetups. I was starting to really feel comfortable in lolita!

 photo 2008May.jpg 

I tried running a meetup in Glasgow, and although there were only two of us at it, I made a friend and it's still a treasured memory!
(this is still one of my favourite dresses!)

In 2009, I moved to Japan for 6 months. I lived out in Iwate, teaching and generally being a fashion-free country girl. It was a wonderful experience while it lasted, but I made sure to take a few trips to Tokyo for shopping, and ultimately poor health meant I had to come home.

Xmas09Me photo 100_0378.jpg

ScotLoli had moved in part to Facebook, making it easier to run meets and find newbies. Photo is from the xmas meetup.

In 2010, I was getting set back up at home. getting started with treatment and diagnosis for what would turn out to be Fibromyalgia. It was stressful, but I still made time for Lolita;
 photo auchi1.jpg
My style didn't really change, but by 2010 it was considered "old school".

In 2011 I got closer to a photographer friend, and ultimately Harry and I have been together ever since!
 photo VF6.jpg  photo 301291_2322448862040_1274151092_32793880_5801645_n.jpg  
I bought my first "dream dress", Vampire Forest. And got posted in my first Loli Secrets for taking pictures standing on the wall outside a greaveyard. It was a good year.
I also took my first forray into sweet, but went Dandy with it instead of Loli. (I made the tricorn myself, and am still pretty proud of it!)

2012 is pretty well documented in this blog, but in summary, life was starting to come together again, living with my partners and running/attending regular meetups.
 photo DSC_3039.jpg
This photo is from one of my favourite shoots, done that year.

2013, more meetups, more metamorphose. The comm started to fill out a bit with new faces and our meetups got a lot bigger.

 photo cparty7_zps1c81387f.jpg 

And after all this time, I was still wearing my old fave meta dress.

And now, Old School and gothic motifs are back in again, and I...

 photo calendersolo_zps82848f75.jpg 

really haven't changed much at all!

Here's to year ten of Lolita fashion. I hope to keep wearing it regularly, and our comm keeps growing.  

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  1. I must say I adore that Meta dress on you,it just suits you so perfectly. I'm very sorry about your fibromyalgia - it's wonderful you carry on, live your life and keep up being a beautiful Lolita.

    On a side note, I like that 1st outfit of yours. It's unorthodox, edgy and fun!


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