Monday, 28 December 2015

December Scrawlr Box Unboxing

Scrawlr is a UK-based art supply subscription box. Every month they send out a selection of interesting and high quality art supplies!

I did my first one in November, and have been looking forward to this since.

Both times I did the video first thing in the morning, and both times was still to tired to figure out the more complex pens. Next month, I promise to at least have one coffee or tea before doing the video?
I did figure it out in the end though...

Saturday, 26 December 2015


Long story short, I started my youtube channel as an exercise in getting over some anxieties and completely failed.

So in the coming year, I'm going to try again.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Monday Art Video: Watercolor Painting

This week's art video is a watercolour painting.
Done primarily in Daler Rowney paint, on watercolour paper.
Details in Neopiko Marker and Copic Opaque White Ink.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Cardcaptor Lolita Hair, Makeup and Outfit

I wore the Cardcaptor Sakura dress that Plasticskittles gave me for my birthday to the Christmas Meetup last week. She got the same dress in red, so we twinned them!

Headband: Lunatic Lemony Lolipop
Dress: Unknown/GIFT
Shoes: Goldenponies

I split the hair and makeup video for this look up from the main meetup video:

Saturday, 19 December 2015

ScotLoli Christmas Meetup 2015

Last weekend, Scot Loli got together for our final meetup of the year.
It was in a beatiful local hotel, where we had high tea, had a raffle and played some simple party games.
Thanks again to Sarah for putting it all together for us, and welcome to the new girls!

 Merry Christmas, and Happy New year!

and as always, there is a video to go with it!

Friday, 18 December 2015

LBC: Create an outfit for less than £100

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival topic is "Create an outfit for under $100"
The challenge is technically in dollars, but being in the UK, I was counting in Pounds and did that instead.
This one wasn't too difficult, since I work on a tight budget anyway.

Headbow: Primark, £2
Blouse: Peace Now, bought on Closet Child. £15
JSK: Heart E, bought second hand £50
Necklace: Thrifted, £1.50
Boots: Thrifted, £5

Any offbrand tights or socks in black or white would work with this.

Total: £73.5

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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Goth Makeup (Xmas Shopping Ideas)

 Christmas Shopping for a goth friend? Or just need some makeup for your own spooky self?
ILLAMASQUA - my personal favourite.
                           They are Cruelty-Free and their standard black eyeliner is called "Sophie",
                    with a cut of the proceeds from that product going to find the Sophie Foundation!

"Black Moon Cosmetics" is a fairly new brand, still small with only a few lip products.
But what they have is lovely, and they show a lot of promise for the future!
They are both vegan and not tested on animals.

LunatiCK Labs, is another cruelt-free goth makeup brand.
With a range of eye, lip and face products in both bright and neutral colours.

"Can We Talk", blue lipstick by MikiSongCosmetics
(£4.40 on Etsy)

"Funeral Party" eyeshadow by CRUSHCOSMETICS
(£5.93 on Etsy)

Absinthe flavour lip balm from MoonCraftEmporium
(£.39 on ETSY)

"Vamp" lipstick from NaturesPurityBath
£3.52 on Etsy

"Sanguine" red shimmer pigment from FabledFragrances
£1.32 on Etsy

"Barthory" red lipgloss from SpectrumCosmetic
£5.42 on Etsy

Drac Makens lipstick set from TaterRoundsBeauty
13.52 on Etsy

Thats all for this year!
I hope you found something you like, on this, or any of my previous shopping lists.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Goth Candles (Xmas Shopping Ideas)

 Christmas shopping for a goth friend? Or just want some cool candles for yourself?
I was requested to do a shopping list post of gothic candles, so here we go!
Gravestone tea-light holder by CraftyWorksCornwall

Votive Ghost candles by CountryRichCreations

Coffin and Corse scented candles from DarkCandles.Com

Hand of Glory candle from DiSHcreativeShop

Nicotine Pumpkin Patch by The Flickering Candle Company

Severed finger candles by InBigPlayground

Bleeding Candle by QueensCandleCompany
(17,67 on Etsy)

Haunted House and Black Death scented candles from

I hope you found something you like!

Monday, 14 December 2015

Manga Monday, Digital Art

This week I have some digital art for you. It's a part 1 of 2, because photoshop crashed before I could finish it. This is for the best though, as the video was getting really long.

Part 2 will be up next Monday!

Friday, 11 December 2015

LBC: What changes will you make in the new year?

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival topic is: "What changes will you make to your wardrobe in the new year"

The main thing I need to do is thin out my collection. I've been a lolita for ten years now, and even though I sell pieces regularly, there are still a lot of dresses in my wardrobe that I just don't wear anymore.

My January wardrobe posts always really highlight for me just how many pieces I have that I should sell. Lolita isn't really a collection for me. I don't try to collect as many pieces as I can or make an effort to find rare items. I know others do though, and have plenty of dresses sitting in my wardrobe they might want!
The only items I "collect" are aatp's vampire prints, and even then I dont want every singe piece in every single colour or anything - just one of each print.

I want to try and thin out my wardrobe to just contain things I actually wear regularly.
(save for the vampire prints, those stay)

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