Monday, 20 January 2014

January Wardrobe Post

The first January Wardrobe Post I have ever got around to making!

It was a lot of fun taking time to set out my clothes and photograph them, although I had under estimated how many items I actually had. It's a nine year collection, even though during that time I have bought, sold and auctioned more than you see here. My collection as it stands now, I am very proud of.

First up, my Dandy/Boy-style wardobe!

         Boots! Offbrand bucked knee-highs, Queen Bee velvet boots, and BW leather crucifix boots.

 Brocade Frock Coats, in light blue, dark pink, and dark green. They all have matching waistcoats.

  Innocent World Salopette, AATP Pandora's Box trousers, and Misty Royal Game Shorts in Green.

 Metamorphose swan border coat in beige, with F+F gold waistcoat, and Lady Sloth Two-piece velvet suit set in dark red velvet. (The back of the jacket is shown, to show off the cherub panel)

 Waistcoats! Hnaoto blouse + waistcoat set, AATP William vest, AATP school stripe vest, and Waterhouse classical painting print waistcoat.

 Handbags! From the back; Metamorphose doctor bag in grey, bat-winged leather backpack, AP Rose Toilette pochette, and AATP white coffin handbag.

Next, my LOLITA clothing collection!

 AATP & BTSSB OPs: Misty Night Royal Game, Snow Dot and Marie Antoinette.

                            AATP Skirts: Eden skirt in green, Alice Clock Tower in white.

      Angelic Pretty JSKs: Milky Berry, Soap Bubble, Candy Treat and Holy Lantern. All in white.

Angelic Pretty OPs: Alice Tear Bottle OP and Chiffon and pearl detail princess OP.

 Assortment of blouses, top two are vintage, red one from taobao, striped ones from meta and AATP

 Innocent World OPs, long grey op, Snow White story book OP, Renoir OP in brown and Charles Crown OP in Green.

                      Metamorphose JSKs, Dim Light and Yumiko Igarashi collaboration dress.

           Meta old-school OPs; Angel Cross embroidery, and long nun OPs in black and grey.

                                            Red velvet tiered OP and 60's style swing OP.

 Lolita shoes; White meta flats, beige suede Milk heels, black Meta heels, Red taobao heels, red AnTaiNa ribbon lace up heels, DreamV heart heel shoes and Innocent World brown ankle boots.

And saving the best for last, my AATP vampire print colelction! Including Vampire Requiem JSK in red and skirt in black, Vampire Prelude skirt in white and Vampire Forest OP in red!

Thank you for looking! I hope you enjoyed this peek inside my closet.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

LBC: 3 prints in your favourite colourway.

 This week's Lolita Blog Carnival topic is: "3 Prints in your favourite colourway"

My favourite colourways are usually either red, or white. My absolute favourite is if it is red and white together. Red with white details is quite common in sweet, and is a cute look. But my guro sensibilities are always looking for a white dress with red detailing.
On my search for images of three, I ended up with six!

                                     My top 3, are these three:
                           BTSSB's Marie Antoinette, AATP's Vampire Prelude, and AP's Candy treat.

But I feel, honourable mention should be made of these three!

 Meta's Heart Print, Meta's Yumiko Igarashi Collabouration OP, and BTSSB's current Red Riding Hood print.

Alice in Lolita Land
The Bloody Tea Party
Lolita Glamour
Crimson Reflections

Friday, 10 January 2014

Adventures in Hair Colour (and FAQ)

As I type this, I have dye in my hair. In my next adventure in to fun coloured hair. This is something I've done a lot as you can see from the collaboration image above. These pictures are the best shots I have of my previous hair colours, from the age of 17 - 23.

I will do a tutorial on how to achieve these kinds of results once I'm done with my newest colour. But for now, I thought I'd do an FAQ on coloured hair.

The most common questions I get asked, are

"Do you HAVE to bleach it first?"

Yes. Unless you have naturally very light blonde hair, you will have to bleach it.

"Doesn't bleach ruin your hair?"
It can do, but only if handled improperly or you don't know what you're doing.

"Do you do this yourself?"
Yes! I do all my bleaching and colouring at home.

"Are you trained in hair care?"
Nope! I just read up on what it involved, and trial and error got me here.

"Wouldn't you rather go to a professional, in case you ruin your hair?"
No. My apologies to any hair professionals reading this, but I don't trust them. I've had quite a history of bad encounters with professionals. They are often not trained in full bleaching, as it is not really a common procedure anymore - more people are into highlights. Many professionals will tell you that your hair is simply "too dark" to be bleached. Being naturally dark haired, I've heard this from more than a handful of salons and been turned away. As you can see from my image, this is just not true. Even more salons will tell you that bleaching can 'kill' your hair. A moment of thought will tell you that you cannot kill hair. Hair is already dead. If it was alive, it would grow from the bottom, and hurt when you cut it. The follicle, at the top, under your scalp, is alive. But the actual hair is not.

"What brand of bleach is the best?"
The brand of bleach doesn't really matter. It's the volume of peroxide that does. Pre-mixed blonde dyes are not bleaches, they are toners and colourants that you are supposed to put on over previously lightened hair. What you need, is a bottle of Creme Peroxide, and a packet of Peroxide Power to mix yourself.

"What is a volume of bleach?"
The volume is essentially the strength. Usually you can buy 20%, 40%, or rarely 60% vol peroxide. If you have light brown, red or dark blonde hair, 20% will be strong enough. Darker hair will need 40 or maybe even 60.

"What if my hair goes orange?
"If you have light hair, it can't go orange. If you have dark hair, if WILL go orange. When it's half-way done, it's orange. Think of a colour scale, fading from dark brown to blonde. Orange/red is in the middle. Your hair has to go through the orange stage to get to blonde.

"My hairdresser said that your hair going orange is from doing it wrong at home"
I have heard this way too many times. From people who tried to bleach their hair, got halfway through the waiting time, saw that it was orange, panicked, washed it out, and went to their salon to get it "fixed". Where they were told that this is a terrible side effect of doing it at home, and they should -always- come to the salon and pay them money to do it instead.
If your hair is in the orange stage, just keep waiting.

"What does your mother/boyfriend/friends/ think of you doing this to your hair?"
They don't have a say in what I do with my own hair!

"You will never get a job with hair like that"
Not really a question, more of a bigoted statement.
I usually respond by politely telling them that plenty of employers don't mind what colour your hair is so long as you have the right skills for the job. Or, that I'd just dye my hair a natural colour if I really had to.

That's all! Those are the ones I hear the most on a day-to-day basis with coloured hair. I hope you maybe learned some useful information or had some of your own questions answered. Of course I'll gladly answer more if you ask them!
If you also dye your hair, I hope you were able to relate to this! Do you get these same questions asked? Do you get other questions I don't?

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My Lolita Watercolour Paintings

I'd like to take some time this new year to focus on my painting. Of course, I'll still try and keep up with my digital and illustrative work, but last year I really let my painting slip away. So, here's a start with three small watercolour pieces I produced this week!

               My personal goal will be to do at least one finished painted piece per month this year!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year's Resolutions and Predicions!

The last two Lolita Blog Carnival topics were "Lolita New Years Resolutions" and "Predictions for Lolita fashion in the new year". And I missed both! Sorry. So I'll catch up now;

"Lolita New Years Resolutions"

1. Buy more black blouses.
Unbelievably, I only own ONE black blouse. This is a huge hole in my wardrobe.

2. Wear more accessories.
I buy accessories and jewelery, I even make them myself. But so rarely wear most of them!

"Lolita fashion predictions!

1. The rise of GOTH
In the long long ago of lolita, it was an offshoot of goth fashion, and black and white were key colours. Sweet lolitas wore the same simple outfits as goths, but in pink and white. Sweet lolita became the most popular style for a long time, with every new lolita being initially into classic, but discovering sweet as their favorite. But in recent times it seems everyone is selling their sweet wardrobes, or they find sweet lolita first, then move on to classic and/or gothic.
In the last year, the lean towards gothic motifs and looks has started to rise.
I think 2014 will see a huge surge towards gothic lolita.

2. Wigs will go out of fashion almost completely.
Again, in the long distant past, wigs were not worn with lolita. They were just "way too cosplay.too much like a costume" for lolita fashion. In fact, when the question 'is it okay to wear a wig with lolita' was posed to the egl community, the answer was usually "only if it doesn't look like a wig".
Then when sweet was the BIG THING, pastel wigs came in to fashion and unsure new starts would ask if it was okay -not- to wear a wig with lolita! Well; I think 2014 will see a complete revert back to no wigs with lolita.

3. Tights will be more common than socks.
I remember a time, again, in the distant past of lolita, when girls would ask the comm if it was okay to wear tights with lolita. Because it just wasn't seen much, and brands only did socks to match their dresses. Usually the answer would be something like "if you live in a cold climate, you can get away with it!", or "if they're flesh-toned tights, and you wear socks on top, it's okay". Brand tights are a very new thing. But they're super cute, and really popular, so I think 2014 will involve a lot of new girls wondering if you -have- to wear matching printed tights, and if it's okay to wear socks with their lolita!

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