Thursday, 18 December 2014

Xmas meet Outfit Planning

 This saturday, the Scottish Lolitas are going to the christmas market for our xmas meetup! There will be chocolate and mulled wine, and I'm looking forward to it so much.

of course, this means it's time to plan some outfits!

Above; Dandy and Lolita versions of the cream and gold theme.
Angelic pretty "Radiant Candlelight" skirt, IW Gretel boots.

The rest is offbrand.

                   Detail shot here to show off the christmas tights that my boyfriend's mum gave me. The little deer are glittery!

Next, a slighty sweeter-than-usual co-ord, that I'm calling the "snow princess" outfit. It's mostly pastel blue and white, and chiffon. With angel print tights. The chiffon bonnet is one of my favourite accessories.

                         Blouse from metamorphose, tights by LegLove, shoes from Dream V and skirt by Classical Puppets.

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