Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Halloween Lolita Ideas: Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland, iconic, endlessly re-told, universally loved. Even regular lolita outfits are often mistaken for Alice costumes, so it's a very easy option for us at halloween!
The immediate image that comes to mind for most people when they think of Alice in Wonderland, is a blue dress and blonde hair as depicted by Disney. This makes it a nice simple costume, any blue dress, white apron and blonde wig, and you will be instantly recognized!
However, if you wanted to mix it up a little, or don't have a blue dress and don't want to buy one just for halloween, there have been plenty of other versions of Alice over the last hundred years.
Alice Liddel, often referred to as "the Real Alice", is the girl the story was written for. As you can see she is dark haired, and wore a light coloured dress.

                               In many versions, Alice wears yellow and/or has dark hair.

                                                            (1999 TV Special Alice)

                                                   (Videogame "Alice: Madness returns")

(1980's Movie Version)

(colourized versions of Tenniel's original book illustrations, showing Alice in red and yellow)

 As a huge inspiration in Lolita fashion, there have been many brand releases with Alice themed prints, or Alice sets in solid colours with aprons. In recent years there have even been official Disney Lolits Brand collaborations!

(pictured on the left, Angelic Pretty's "LaForet Disney Event" Alice print, and on the far right is the new Angelic Pretty/ Tokyo Disney Store official print)

 key aspects: Solid coloured dress (blue for easiest recognition), white apron, tea-set and rabbit themes accessories!

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