Friday, 26 September 2014

Halloween Lolita Ideas: Sailor Moon

                                            (Above - Estradiazione on LJ as Lolita Moon)

Since SailorMoon Crystal, and the retro-anime revival trend, Sailor Moon jewelery, motifs, accessories and outfits have been everywhere! It's an exciting time for fans!
Sailor Lolita is a very well-known, standard sub-style of lolita, inspired by japanese school outfits combined with lolita fashion. Being such a standard style, every summer, almost every brand produces Sailor themed dresses and skirts and accessories - so they're easy t come by.
However, if you dont want to fork out for brand for a halloween co-ord, there are plenty options for cosplay accessories to adorn your existing pieces.

There are plenty of options for accessories and outfit pieces, official and fanmade!

 For a Dandy/Ouji option, Tuxedo Mask is an obvious choice. A typical black and white boy-style outfit, with a top hat, white mask, and replica star-shaped pocket watch, you have a Tuxedo Mask Co-Ord!

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