Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Halloween Lolita ideas: Nurse Lolita

 Arguably a sub-category of 'Guro loli', the nurse look is quite popular, even with brand releases in the style (see above: metamorphose Hospitality Doll and Englesbeginn series)
And more recently, the indie brand "bunny and black" released an aproned nurse set (below)
 This style relies less on blood splatter and gore, and more on medical themes and accessories. Skulls and bones, caduceus and crosses all make perfect motifs for Nurse outfits. Although this style is usually seen in the typical white-and-red, there is a little more lee-way with colours to play around with.
of course this style is not limited to lolita! Last year I went for a "dandy doctor" style, complete with white coat. Add a white coat to a lolita outfit for a doctor-loli theme, or simply replace the skirt of a nurse outfit with shorts or trousers for a dandy nurse style!

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