Monday, 3 March 2014

Fun food in Tokyo

More that one person requested a post about FOOD! I love japanese food, all seafood, green tea, and unusual fruit flavours are all things I enjoy.

My absolute favourite Japanes snack if meiji strawberry chocolate:

 It comes in large bars, or small packets of individually wrapped squares like the one in the picture.
It is milk chocolate with a pink strawberry flavour filling. The strawberry isn't like strawberry candy, it tastes like real strawberries!

 This is from a trip to Mister Doughnut. This chain is hugely popular in japan, and they serve lots of interesting unique doughnuts. A fairly common thing in japan is point-cards, prizes and specialty items. This time, there was a Snoopy event on that involved collecting points from eating at Mister Doughnut. Also, the special Valentines items were being advertised, and then released. Pink frosted, heart-shaped doughnuts!

And speaking of heart-shaped...

 This is a heart-shaped battered scallop from my meal at Tokyo Disneyland's 'Queen of Hearts' Restraunt!

Most restaurants in Japan will have this kind of display outside. Plastic versions of the food that they have on the menu! They are incredibly realistic and do a good job of making you feel hungry! These plastic replica foods are famously produced and sold on Kappabashi in Asakusa. It's definitely worth a visit if you can!

     Set Meals are a norm on menus. When you order a main dish, you usually have the option of making it a "set". This means it will come with vegetables and/or a bowl of rice, and a bowl of soup.

                                                                  Beef Bowl Set!

In my Budgeting for Japan post, I talked about the kind of expensive, high-class restaurants business people go to. We went to one such place for lunch one day, as a treat. The pictures show the truly magnificent meal, and view from the window! We were 42 stories up, in Shiodome Skyview!

A small point to notice in the picture on the left, is the face-down plastic board on the table. The paper clipped to it is the bill. Usually, the person serving will write down your order and clip the bill to one of these, and leave it on your table. If you then order more things, they simply add it to the existing bill. To pay, you take this to a payment counter after you're finished eating!

Bonus! Basin Robbins "Popping Soda", is essentially a soda float, but with delicious popping-candy filled ice cream on top of blue ramune soda. There were sour jelly stars floating in the soda under the ice cream too.

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  1. I'm not normally a fan of "fruit" chocolates because the centre is often too-sweet sticky goo rather than fruity, but those sound like I'd at least want to try them. The meal sets look yummy - I love clear soups like miso soup :) I'd love to try the donut variations too :) Did you have sesame and poppy-seed ice-cream at any point? I tried some in a Japanese restaurant once because I'd never seen black/dark grey ice-cream before.