Saturday, 2 November 2013

LBC: How to keep Warm in Winter

This week's topic from the Lolita Blog Carnival is "How to keep warm in Winter", and since I live in a cold climate I thought I'd share the things I've learned over the years!

1. Layer your socks. Tights under knee-highs with ankle socks. If you're wearing boots, make it fluffy or thermal ankle socks since nobody will see them. If you don't want the tights underneath the socks to be obvious, invest in ballet tights. They are thick, high quality and come in various natural skin tones.

2. A muffler.
Lolita brands often release fur hand mufflers in winter. They usually hang from a ribbon around your neck so they don't get in the way if you need to use your hands, and modern ones often have pockets in them for your phone or some change or a lipgloss!

                                                                      3. Thermal Gel hand Warmers!
Thermal gel hand warmers, or pocket hand warmers are really useful and re-useable. They're little pouches of thermal gel, with a button inside to activate the warming reaction for whenever you need them.
They come in plain squares, or various shapes and colours. Including cute cupcakes! Perfect for keeping inside the fur muffler, in case it's just -too- cold!

                                                                    4. Wear a wig.
Wigs are warm. It's like a hat, made of long fibres essentially. And if you are going to wear a cute winter hat - wearing it over a wig gives you a whole extra layer of insulation!

                                                                  5. Capelets!
I love capelets. In fact, for this winter I bought two - one white, one black fur. The reason I reccomend a capelet instead of a special winter coat, is that a warm capelet can be worn over any coat you already have. Winter coat not warm enough? Add a capelet and it's instantly warmer, and you have a whole new look to your coat. With a fur cape over it, I find it completely comfortable to wear spring/autumn weight coats even in winter.

Ta~da. Five tips for keeping warm in winter. I often get comments along the lines of "aren't you cold?" and "are you really not cold?!". Because I'll be wearing flesh coloured tights under my socks, and a natural wig under my winter hat, and a short cape over a mostly decorative coat. It all looks much the same as I would in another season, just with secret layers!

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  1. I didn't knoe about the thermal gel warmers! they seem really practical (and cute :3)