Friday, 11 October 2013

Winter lolita clothing haul.

This morning was pretty exciting, all of the stuff I ordered over the last several weeks arrived at once! Since closet child stopped doing holds, I had two separate boxes from them, along side some parcels from individuals I'd bought things from in the loli community. My initial plan was to film an epic box-opening video, but I'm sick, and I'm sure nobody wants to see a video of me sniffling.
So instead, have some gratuitous photos of my entire winter wardrobe!

                                                               Parcels, so many parcels!

                                         Possibly my favorite item, an AATP striped tail coat.

Btssb's Snow White print JSK. This oldschool piece was one of the first lolita items I ever really coveted, so even though it's a little sweeter than my usual style, as soon as it came up on closet child I couldn't resist!

                    TWO AATP fur capelets. One black, one white. To keep me cozy all winter.

 Slightly blurry picture, but there's an AP apron, hnaoto shirt + waistcoat, and a putumayo knitted hoodie.
 And last but not least, BTSSB Bunka doll! Not a winter wardrobe item, but I love dolls and she's just too cute.

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