Friday, 11 October 2013

LBC: Top 3 tips for new lolitas!

This week's topic from the Lolita Blogging Carnival is your "top 3 secrets for new lolitas". It sounds short and sweet, but I ended up having to think quite hard about it.

1. Invest in a good blouse.
The first thing a new lolita will be focusing on, is getting their first outfit of course! It's important, and fun, but also expensive and confusing. The most exciting part of lolita clothing is the main piece. Beautiful printed JSKs and OPs are everywhere - so a lot of newbies end up spending a lot on several JSKs, and end up with no money budgeted for other things. I did this myself when I first started, and naively assumed that "loliable" and generally lacy/formal blouses would be much the same as a specifically lolita one. This is not the case. A lolita blouse, with it's overtly detailed collar and cuffs, will make every JSK and skirt worn with it look better. I know that once you have money to spend on lolita, passing up a new main piece in favor of something like a blouse seems like a waste, but it's absolutely worth it.

2. Don't be suckered in to Bodyline's false economy.
You will come up against Bodyline, and probably hear all kinds of opposing opinions on whether or not they're great or terrible. If you want a bodyline piece, great! Just be aware that it wont be as good quality as brand, but it wont be terrible and it wont be some kind of 'not-real-lolita-cred-ruiner'.
Just don't buy bodyline purely because it's 'cheap'.
It isn't. Not really. Yes, compared to a new release from a brand, a new bodyline item will cost less. But it will be poorer quality, the shipping is high, orders are often flawed, and if you're okay with that - great - but if not, you can get better items for the same, or less money than bodyline.
There are literally HUNDREDS of taobao brands, indie brands, and less popular japanese brands that are equal or better than bodyline that cost the same or less. If you specifically want a bodyline piece, then go for it! If you specifically want brand, but can't afford it new, there are second hand sales communities in english on tumblr, live journal and facebook.
But don't waste your money, pouring it into bodyline on the false pretense that it's cheap.

3. Wear what you want, not what you think will get notes.
I think this explains itself. The longer you're in the loli community, the more you'll see people come in, excited and enjoying the fashion, drop more than they can afford on items they hope are popular, then post a 'leaving lolita' sales post, usually along with a sob story about 'elitists' or whoever they blame for not being popular.
Fashion is an art, and the first rule of good art is that you do what -you- want. There's a difference between a painting by someone of their true love compared to one they were forced to paint of someone they don't like, right? You will look, and feel better wearing something you love compared to something you don't care about but hope is popular.

There it is! My top 3 tips. These are honestly the three things that keep me in lolita fashion, and I hope they will help out some new lolitas. Three isn't many though, so here are links to other Lolita Blog Carnival people with more;

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  1. What great tips! I wouldn't have thought of them, but they're really all very important. I think this is my favorite of this week's LBC posts so far!

  2. These are really, really good tips! Especially the one about a good blouse.