Monday, 19 August 2013

Golf Meetup

Yesterday, our ever expanding lolita community went to the Xscape centre here in Glasgow to play mini Golf! Can you golf in frills? Of course! We can do anything in frills!
Well, they can, I sat out due to golf not being exactly fibro-friendly, chilled out with drinks, watching people play and working up an appetite for lunch by doing so ;D
Watching people play golf is exhausting work you know!

                           (Pictured, Kerry and I [myself on the left]. Photo by Culloden)

                                 I wore this burgandy velvet two-piece suit by Lady Sloth.
Angelic Pretty Blouse, Swimmer handbag.

The following photos of the others playing were taken by the stunning Laura Cranston:

(panoramic group shot by Harry!)

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  1. Hey I would love to come along to these Lolita meets! Is there a facebook group or something for it?