Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Photoshoot at the burnt-out school

The sun has come to Scotland! Kerry and I decided to make the most of it, by going out for a picnic and photoshoot.
The location was a beautiful abandoned building, the burnt-out Ferguslie Half-Timer's School for Girls. So called because at the time (1830s) the girls would work half-time in the nearby Mills, and spend the other half of their time in classes there. It had various purporses in it's time, one of them, ironically as a base for the fire-safety team for the mills...
It was a night club in the 90's, until 98' when it burnt out completely.
Now, it's just a shell. Full of ghosts and behind a chained gate. Naturally, we got in by asking a group of local kids how. They showed us the part of the wall that was easiest to climb over!

                                                 Once upon a time, it looked like this;

Now, it's a ruin...

 Of course I took a short series of film clips of our exploration!

1 comment:

  1. Your coord was extremely apropiate for the building (and really beautiful) Did you seriously climbed a wall to enter? That sounds a lot of fun


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