Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Outfit Planning (5 Co-ord Challenge?)

Next weekend, there is a big meetup that will involve being filmed for a fellow loli's project. Of course, I want to look my best for her! This is also an opportunity to really show off my favorite dress (vampire forest, elizabeth) So I've been planning outfits!
Let me know what you think?

1. With white - I've only ever worn this dress with black and red in mind, however I wear a lot of white in other outfits and wanted to incorporate that with my VF jsk.

2. Oh so Goth - it's goth with a capital crucifix.

3. Blood and Gold - named after the anne rice novel, because this co-ord is all red and gold!

 4. Vampire Princess - Chandelier necklace, patent and button boots and a tiny tiara.
I'd wear it with big hair and lace tights, and go for a Hime gothic vibe.

 5. The usual, with a side of bonnet - This is the exact way I wore this dress before, but with a bonnet as well as roses. I just love bonnets so much, but if the weather stays the way it is just now, it'll be too warm!

And the 5-co-ord-challenge? Well, making several outfits from one dress is a popular game that comes up every so often on the EGL Comm. One of my favorites from the past was a 7-days challenge, to make 7 different outfits out of a select 7 pieces from your wardrobe for a whole week. This is also a theme in many japanese magazines. there's often pages showing one wardrobe item, and 7 day-marked styles you could wear it!

So, I challenge you! Choose your favorite piece from your wardrobe, and build 5 outfits out of it! or 7, if you want to play hard mode ;)

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  1. The third, fourth and fifth coords are awesome! I like the first one a lot, but I think it'd look better with black socks or shoes (you know, for looking balanced) You really have a great fashion taste