Saturday, 2 November 2013

LBC: How to keep Warm in Winter

This week's topic from the Lolita Blog Carnival is "How to keep warm in Winter", and since I live in a cold climate I thought I'd share the things I've learned over the years!

1. Layer your socks. Tights under knee-highs with ankle socks. If you're wearing boots, make it fluffy or thermal ankle socks since nobody will see them. If you don't want the tights underneath the socks to be obvious, invest in ballet tights. They are thick, high quality and come in various natural skin tones.

2. A muffler.
Lolita brands often release fur hand mufflers in winter. They usually hang from a ribbon around your neck so they don't get in the way if you need to use your hands, and modern ones often have pockets in them for your phone or some change or a lipgloss!

                                                                      3. Thermal Gel hand Warmers!
Thermal gel hand warmers, or pocket hand warmers are really useful and re-useable. They're little pouches of thermal gel, with a button inside to activate the warming reaction for whenever you need them.
They come in plain squares, or various shapes and colours. Including cute cupcakes! Perfect for keeping inside the fur muffler, in case it's just -too- cold!

                                                                    4. Wear a wig.
Wigs are warm. It's like a hat, made of long fibres essentially. And if you are going to wear a cute winter hat - wearing it over a wig gives you a whole extra layer of insulation!

                                                                  5. Capelets!
I love capelets. In fact, for this winter I bought two - one white, one black fur. The reason I reccomend a capelet instead of a special winter coat, is that a warm capelet can be worn over any coat you already have. Winter coat not warm enough? Add a capelet and it's instantly warmer, and you have a whole new look to your coat. With a fur cape over it, I find it completely comfortable to wear spring/autumn weight coats even in winter.

Ta~da. Five tips for keeping warm in winter. I often get comments along the lines of "aren't you cold?" and "are you really not cold?!". Because I'll be wearing flesh coloured tights under my socks, and a natural wig under my winter hat, and a short cape over a mostly decorative coat. It all looks much the same as I would in another season, just with secret layers!

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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Monday, 21 October 2013

Ghost Photoshoot.

 Once again, my favorite time of the year has rolled around! This year, my friend and professional photographer Stuart Crawford decided to go to a local abandoned factory, with me dressed as a ghost and do some effects photography!
Above are some snaps I took myself of the location, it was very cool, huge expanses of broken and abandoned office and factory items, doors to nowhere, staircases to nowhere, and even more doors and stairways that lead on to more expanses of wreckage. I loved it!
Stuart's photography is incredible, and I love working with him. Especially when we do silly and creative things like turning me into a ghost bride!

Friday, 11 October 2013

LBC: Top 3 tips for new lolitas!

This week's topic from the Lolita Blogging Carnival is your "top 3 secrets for new lolitas". It sounds short and sweet, but I ended up having to think quite hard about it.

1. Invest in a good blouse.
The first thing a new lolita will be focusing on, is getting their first outfit of course! It's important, and fun, but also expensive and confusing. The most exciting part of lolita clothing is the main piece. Beautiful printed JSKs and OPs are everywhere - so a lot of newbies end up spending a lot on several JSKs, and end up with no money budgeted for other things. I did this myself when I first started, and naively assumed that "loliable" and generally lacy/formal blouses would be much the same as a specifically lolita one. This is not the case. A lolita blouse, with it's overtly detailed collar and cuffs, will make every JSK and skirt worn with it look better. I know that once you have money to spend on lolita, passing up a new main piece in favor of something like a blouse seems like a waste, but it's absolutely worth it.

2. Don't be suckered in to Bodyline's false economy.
You will come up against Bodyline, and probably hear all kinds of opposing opinions on whether or not they're great or terrible. If you want a bodyline piece, great! Just be aware that it wont be as good quality as brand, but it wont be terrible and it wont be some kind of 'not-real-lolita-cred-ruiner'.
Just don't buy bodyline purely because it's 'cheap'.
It isn't. Not really. Yes, compared to a new release from a brand, a new bodyline item will cost less. But it will be poorer quality, the shipping is high, orders are often flawed, and if you're okay with that - great - but if not, you can get better items for the same, or less money than bodyline.
There are literally HUNDREDS of taobao brands, indie brands, and less popular japanese brands that are equal or better than bodyline that cost the same or less. If you specifically want a bodyline piece, then go for it! If you specifically want brand, but can't afford it new, there are second hand sales communities in english on tumblr, live journal and facebook.
But don't waste your money, pouring it into bodyline on the false pretense that it's cheap.

3. Wear what you want, not what you think will get notes.
I think this explains itself. The longer you're in the loli community, the more you'll see people come in, excited and enjoying the fashion, drop more than they can afford on items they hope are popular, then post a 'leaving lolita' sales post, usually along with a sob story about 'elitists' or whoever they blame for not being popular.
Fashion is an art, and the first rule of good art is that you do what -you- want. There's a difference between a painting by someone of their true love compared to one they were forced to paint of someone they don't like, right? You will look, and feel better wearing something you love compared to something you don't care about but hope is popular.

There it is! My top 3 tips. These are honestly the three things that keep me in lolita fashion, and I hope they will help out some new lolitas. Three isn't many though, so here are links to other Lolita Blog Carnival people with more;

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R Gorey a youtube Vlog!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

MCM Expo Glasgow, Guro Lolita OOTD

 A little off-season for Guro Lolita, but it's my favorite style, and I had the idea buzzing in my head for this mask I made for months. Scotland's first ever MCM Expo seemed the perfect event to create my ideal Guro Loli outfit!

Monday, 19 August 2013

Golf Meetup

Yesterday, our ever expanding lolita community went to the Xscape centre here in Glasgow to play mini Golf! Can you golf in frills? Of course! We can do anything in frills!
Well, they can, I sat out due to golf not being exactly fibro-friendly, chilled out with drinks, watching people play and working up an appetite for lunch by doing so ;D
Watching people play golf is exhausting work you know!

                           (Pictured, Kerry and I [myself on the left]. Photo by Culloden)

                                 I wore this burgandy velvet two-piece suit by Lady Sloth.
Angelic Pretty Blouse, Swimmer handbag.

The following photos of the others playing were taken by the stunning Laura Cranston:

(panoramic group shot by Harry!)

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Outfit Planning (5 Co-ord Challenge?)

Next weekend, there is a big meetup that will involve being filmed for a fellow loli's project. Of course, I want to look my best for her! This is also an opportunity to really show off my favorite dress (vampire forest, elizabeth) So I've been planning outfits!
Let me know what you think?

1. With white - I've only ever worn this dress with black and red in mind, however I wear a lot of white in other outfits and wanted to incorporate that with my VF jsk.

2. Oh so Goth - it's goth with a capital crucifix.

3. Blood and Gold - named after the anne rice novel, because this co-ord is all red and gold!

 4. Vampire Princess - Chandelier necklace, patent and button boots and a tiny tiara.
I'd wear it with big hair and lace tights, and go for a Hime gothic vibe.

 5. The usual, with a side of bonnet - This is the exact way I wore this dress before, but with a bonnet as well as roses. I just love bonnets so much, but if the weather stays the way it is just now, it'll be too warm!

And the 5-co-ord-challenge? Well, making several outfits from one dress is a popular game that comes up every so often on the EGL Comm. One of my favorites from the past was a 7-days challenge, to make 7 different outfits out of a select 7 pieces from your wardrobe for a whole week. This is also a theme in many japanese magazines. there's often pages showing one wardrobe item, and 7 day-marked styles you could wear it!

So, I challenge you! Choose your favorite piece from your wardrobe, and build 5 outfits out of it! or 7, if you want to play hard mode ;)

Friday, 15 March 2013

Matching Lolita + Kodona Pairs

Who could ever choose between Lolita and Kodona? They go together hand in hand, two sides of a coin, and other clich├ęs of that ilk.
While "twin style" is a fashion statement known in Japan in general, it is most commonly seen in lolitas who "twin" or co-ordinate their outfits with each other. My personal favorite is when it's taken to the next level, and a Lolita and Kodona matching pair are co-ordinated together.

                                 Alice and the Pirates "Frankenweenie" collaboration outfits.

                                           School boy and girl by taobao brand Boguta

Two examples found on tumblr, the photo on the top I am not sure where it's from, but will update this post as soon as I know.
On the left is a picture from (I believe) the Russian lolita community meetup.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

New hair + Boystyle Outfit snaps

 Finally got my hair cropped short again. I can't imagine myself trying to grow it out again anytime soon! Ultimately, long hair just isn't for me. Unless it's a wig of course. but I can always take a wig off.
Top outfit: Jane Marple scarf, Romwe leggings, HM blouse.
Second outfit; all vintage/offbrand. (the scream image is the pattern on my leggings haha).