Tuesday, 23 October 2012

"Meningitis UK" Charity Tea Party

                                                     (OP and Shoes - Metamorphose
                                                        Bunny - innocent World)

Last Sunday, I had a tea party to attend! One in aid of a good cause. We were raising money for Meningitis UK. Most of us get vaccinated against the common forms of Meningitis in our early teens, so it wont often come to mind when you think about life-threatning illnesses. However, it does still seriously damage and even kill sufferers. 

We all dressed with a "Tea" theme in mind, and I went as "Breakfast Tea"! Hense the sleepy, nightgown-style look.

                          Delicious desert to go with tea.                      Kerry as RedBush Tea!

                               Black leaf tea, Royal Tea and Lady grey!

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