Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Halloween Murder Mystery Meetup

 Last weekend, we had our Halloween meetup. A thrilling MURDER MYSTERY! My charachter was named "Chastity", so I thought it'd be funny to do an Ero-loli outfit. A complete departure from my usual, it was hard to get confident in it, but by the end of the afternoon it was fine. (Despite the uncomfortable corset - owch!)
                                                        Skirt - Alice and the Pirates
                                                        Cardigan - ETC

 I'd never taken part in a Murder Mystery before and wasn't sure what to expect. I fully expected to choke up and be too nervous to play my part properly, but with such good company it was easy to get into charchter and play the game. So, there we were, having tea and sandwiches when one of our party suddenly started choking and fell "dead" to the ground! (she was good too, we actually thought she was sick at first).

(I don't have pictures of everyone sorry, these are all taken from lovely Culloden's album with permission)

Our Host, rocking a 20's ganster style outfit!

 Our two murderers.. strangely enough the two sweet lolitas in the group. Who would suspect such cute little things of poisoning people, or killing someone with a hammer?!

 Culloden! Whose pictures I am using, in a pirate outfit that is to -die- for. Litterally. She got killed with a hammer...