Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Halloween Murder Mystery Meetup

 Last weekend, we had our Halloween meetup. A thrilling MURDER MYSTERY! My charachter was named "Chastity", so I thought it'd be funny to do an Ero-loli outfit. A complete departure from my usual, it was hard to get confident in it, but by the end of the afternoon it was fine. (Despite the uncomfortable corset - owch!)
                                                        Skirt - Alice and the Pirates
                                                        Cardigan - ETC

 I'd never taken part in a Murder Mystery before and wasn't sure what to expect. I fully expected to choke up and be too nervous to play my part properly, but with such good company it was easy to get into charchter and play the game. So, there we were, having tea and sandwiches when one of our party suddenly started choking and fell "dead" to the ground! (she was good too, we actually thought she was sick at first).

(I don't have pictures of everyone sorry, these are all taken from lovely Culloden's album with permission)

Our Host, rocking a 20's ganster style outfit!

 Our two murderers.. strangely enough the two sweet lolitas in the group. Who would suspect such cute little things of poisoning people, or killing someone with a hammer?!

 Culloden! Whose pictures I am using, in a pirate outfit that is to -die- for. Litterally. She got killed with a hammer...

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

"Meningitis UK" Charity Tea Party

                                                     (OP and Shoes - Metamorphose
                                                        Bunny - innocent World)

Last Sunday, I had a tea party to attend! One in aid of a good cause. We were raising money for Meningitis UK. Most of us get vaccinated against the common forms of Meningitis in our early teens, so it wont often come to mind when you think about life-threatning illnesses. However, it does still seriously damage and even kill sufferers. 

We all dressed with a "Tea" theme in mind, and I went as "Breakfast Tea"! Hense the sleepy, nightgown-style look.

                          Delicious desert to go with tea.                      Kerry as RedBush Tea!

                               Black leaf tea, Royal Tea and Lady grey!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Disneyland Paris, the Photos

Can you guess where I went? It's not a seret.. and the title of the post gives it away really.
It's okay to be a little bit jealous. I would be too. I WAS AT DISNEYLND FOR HALLOWEEN SEASON. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Now, my photos seem to have uploaded in a slightly random order. So I'll just tell you little stories about them as best I can instead of trying to organize them. Blogger and I have a bit of a disagreement when it comes to photo organizing!

This here, is the Chuck Wagon Cafe;

 Our locale for breakfast, as we were staying in Hotel Cheyenne. Which was Wild West themed. All the staff were dressed as cowboys. The bar was called the Red Garter, and we had a lovely view of the ranch from our bedroom window!

Not five minutes away by bus, were the parks themselves. A total change in atmosphere, as is charchteristic of Disney. From the old west countryside, to a full blown fairytale town!

 Halloween, of course, means villains, ghosts, pumpkins... and The Nightmare Before Christmas!!
 My inner child can die happy. I MET JACK SKELLINGTON. He was lovely. I even got a cuddle, and best wishes that my voice come back in time for Halloween. (so that my best spooky wail be ready!).

Yes, I lost my voice. It's a true illustration of my luck, that I was sick at Disney. Luckilly, they have a very good internal medical service, and the doctor comes directly to your hotel room. We called him, and it turns out I have Laryngitis. Fortunately, they also order in the medication for you, so we just had to go get some lunch, and an hour later, pick up my stack of medicine from reception. So, I'm on the mend.

We had an absolutely superb lunch, with the finest french food, and royal company!

 I did my best to look elegant, and worthy of such company! They were all so sweet and wonderful. The restraunt itself was absolutely gorgeous, and the food may have spoiled me for all other foods now. Such an amazing treat.

The next night, we had an equally incredible dinner in the restraunt "Inventions", where we got to meet some more lovely charchters.

 The rest of the photos are in random order. So lets just go with the flow here!

 Here we have Malificent's dragon, who lives in a cave under the castle. Isn't she incredible?

 A ghost form of Lovinglolisa?!

 Ah, a selection of glass roses. I love these, so very very much, but transporting them home is pretty much impossible. I've had a penchant for glass flowers since I first saw Alladin, and there was one in the trasure cave. It completely enchanted me as a little girl.

 More ghosts and pumpkins! The whole place was decked out for halloween. Even the music was mostly tracks from Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetleguise and Villain's theme songs. There was a slightly eerie laugh track over some of them too, adding to the haunted atmosphere. I felt right at home!

This is a piece of the set from Phantom Manor, which of course is always there, but is still appropriate to the season, and very lovely.

 Pumpkin-headed Scarecrow people were all over Adventureland! Scarecrows are one of few things that really spook me. But that's what I like about them in a lot of settings. These ones seemed so -happy-, and I was on their territory... it was a dangerous time :p
 Lovinglolisa and her scarecrow counterpart....
and some newlywed scarecrows!

Of course the Villains were out in full force, and while waiting around to catch photo opportunities, the Shadow Man spotted us and came over to chat and let us take pictures! He was very flirty ;) I felt all together a bit giddy really, I mean, who could resist?!

here we have, the mosuleum Jack was hanging out in, and the decorations suspended from the roof of "Inventions".

The next major Disney season is Christmas, and the shops are already stocking some of their christmas things alongside their halloween things. I was never a big fan of Christmas, for personal reasons, but I do love a faerie atop a tree, and Tinkerbell is just the girl for the job!
 Aww, it's okay Tink... I'm jelly of Jessica's figure too. You're still no 1 sassy pixie though!

Thats all my photos for now! Watch this space for upcoming video, as I filmed a lot of goings-on over the week and will put them togehter probably over this weekend.

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