Friday, 10 August 2012

August Meetup at Kelvingrove Art Gallery

  • There is an Urban Legend about the gallery, that it was actually built back-to front, and what was supposed to be the front of the building is facing the wrong way. Because of this mistake, the architect that designed the building killed himself. As far as I know, it's not actually true... but it might be. Who knows?


  1. Your video is amazing! I love seeing moving pictures from other lolita's meet-ups^^ (Currently I'm working on the video of our last meet-up but I can't find the right music >_<')

    btw: Those trousers are wonderful!

    1. Thank You very much! When your video is finished I'd like to see it :3 I love meetup videos too.

    2. I'll definitely do that, but it will not be until Wednesday, because I have to finish some university stuff first >_<'
      Until then you maybe have time to answer some questions? I tagged you, because I really like your blog, if you don't want to answer please just ignore it ;)

    3. And here it comes:
      Be aware that it's quite long and that the texts are in german (but they just say things like "Let's go" and the like, so not that important to understand^^)

    4. Thank you for sharing the link! <3<3 don't worry, I understand a bit of german since studying it in school.

  2. You look so elegant!! *-*
    It's so cool to visit places with urban legends, turns the tour more exciting!


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