Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Etsy Review; Creepyyeha

White leather cuffs and collar, studded with spikes and roses? YES PLEASE! Shiro lolita and white gothic styles are a big favourite of mine, these seemed perfect. So I decided to order from the Creepyyeha Etsy store;

They had all the items seperately, and one that came in a set. However, the set was only avaliable in pink. I contacted the seller to as for the set in white, and got a response very quickly saying that yes, that was completely fine (for no extra fee or anything!).
So I bought it there and then. The package arrived to me within a fortnight of ordering, from the US to UK.
They are very well made and adjustable to fit pretty much any size.

5/5 for Creepyyeha

seriously considering buying more lovelies from them sometime soon.

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