Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Etsy Review; AliceDearArts

Knowing how I LOVE white gothic stuff and Shiro Lolita, you can imagine how hard I fell for the white coffin ring by "AliceDearArts". Their etsy store is HERE.

The rings come at what I think is a great price.

Being based in the US, shipping took a long time. I mean, 4-5 WEEKS long time, and that was no fault of theirs, but is something to watch out for.
Unfortunately, my ring arrived broken. But once I notified them of the problem, no time was spared apologizing and sending me a replacement, which was absolutely great. You can be sure of good customer service with them.
Once my replacement arrived, I discovered they'd also sent me a black one as a free gift, by way of apology!

They are currently my absolute favourite rings.

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