Monday, 28 May 2012

Belated Edinburgh Zoo Meetup Post

ScotLoli! The best community a girl could ask for in my opinion. Look at how many of us there are now, how far we've grown. Haha. Last weekend we took a trip out to Edinburgh Zoo, which is always a fun day out, and they recently aquired pandas.
 Group Shot <3 We saw Lions, Tigers, AND Bears (oh my). Meercats AND PANDAS. Everyone was immaculately turned out and had a lot of fun. I'm sorry I dont have more pictures, or any video, but due to a small hiccup with my camera it doesn't look like I'll get those any time soon. But If I do, I'll spam up some cute animal pictures for you.

Quick Outfit Rundown;
Hairbow - Heart E
Cutsew - BTSSB
Skirt - AATP
Tights - Teja Jamilla (Etsy)
Shoes - Metamorphose

1 comment:

  1. cool outfit!
    A zoo meeting, sounds fun! oooowwwn pandas <3


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