Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Antique and Vintage Shopping

Today, I went to my favourite antique and vintage clothing stores for a look around as it has been so long since I last went there. Naturally, there were plenty of treasures to be had! I keep a particular look out for interesting books, old bottles, old keys, and anything sort of medical. Today yeilded 3 out of 4!

Plus a bonus of some shillings, that I picked up with the intention to make into jewlerry. Look at how young the queen is on that coin! Lol....

Three books caught my attention; first a "Guide to the Haunted Castles of Scotland", then the "Encyclopaedia of the Worlds greatest Unresolved Mysteries", and a book called "The Prince of Pleasure", which appealed to my dandy side.

I'd love to do a ghost tour around Scotland. Maybe starting with some of the easier-to-reach places in my book, but there are 50 locations listed in there - most of them quite far out. I've only ever been on a ghost tour once before, here in Glasgow. It was great fun.

Next, my vintage medical supplies! An old measuring bottle (checks both the Bottle and Medical categories of interest, yay), and two vintage wound-dressing tins.

 The orange tin appealed to me becuase the front has a "POISON" warning on it...

(also, on the above left, a tiny brass teapot! It may have originally been from a dolls house or something, but it's just so cute I couldn't leave it behind)

This next picture, is a photo of a painting. I didn't buy it, becuase it was too big for me to carry, to heavy.. and frankly, I have nowhere to put it. Also it's a little disturbing, but that's also what I like about it. It's a huge portrait of a child crying. (made the image show LARGE so you can see how detailed the tears are).
                      It just... broke my heart a little bit. I kind of want to buy it, just to have it.. even though I dont know if I actually like it. It's creepy... but... kind of beautiful too?

Anyway, here's what I was wearing during this adventure to the weird and wonderful world of strange old junk :p

Headbow and Shoes - Metamorphose
Bag - Btssb
JSK - West Mend

The corresponding Vlog to this post is here;


  1. I have a painting the same as that one of the crying boy there, do you know the myth that goes with them?
    I saw mine in a charity shop and got it for only a few pounds because it had been there a long time because people are superstitious...So then in walked me and all my Goth friends, knowing exactly what it was and I had to have it! :D

    1. Oh my god, I had no idea. The poor boy.. I want to go back and buy it now, but, I am so very very afraid of fire...

    2. Well I've had mine around six years now and other than the time I set a pan on fire (which I managed to put out pretty quickly) I've not had any fires.

    3. well you can probably see from the photo and video, that is in Relics off byres rd. By any chance where you got yours? They still have 3 of them...


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