Wednesday, 4 April 2012

More Tokyo

We're gtetting settled into our stay here, the jet lag and travellers sickness are wearing off. It's proven to be even more of a challenge than before with the fibromialgia, but I'm still pcking as much as possible into each day.
We went to a steampunk meetup in Yoyogi park on Sunday, the photos from which are up on facebook. (I may cross post some here, if the opportunity arises).
I bought a rediculous amount of stuff in closet child, including a BABY handbag and Bolero that I'm wearing just now <3 I'll take pictures of all the things I've bought topost once home in the UK! The internet in the hotel is patchy, and we're mostly too busy to sit around online anyway, but I've been filming small clips and taking photos to spam up my blog and youtube with once we're home!
There was a massive rainstorm yesterday, it was typhoon caliber, although not technically a typhoon. It blew away all the clouds and the sun is strong and bright today! The forecast is good for Disney tomorrow too <3

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