Sunday, 4 November 2012

Pokemon Villain Co-ords

Today, I logged in to Polyvore for the first time in a long while and discovered a few sets I'd forgotten about! I was going to post some Pokemon Villain inspired co-ords when Black and White 2 were announced. Well, as any of you who play the games will know, it's been out for a while now. In fact, it's swallowed a lot of my free time recently!
Regardless, here they are, better late than never eh?

Team Rocket Lolita

By Malene Birger sheer silk blouse
£59 -

White House Black Market flower brooch
£19 -

Aspinal of London long glove
£130 -

Team Aqua Lolita

team magma

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Halloween Murder Mystery Meetup

 Last weekend, we had our Halloween meetup. A thrilling MURDER MYSTERY! My charachter was named "Chastity", so I thought it'd be funny to do an Ero-loli outfit. A complete departure from my usual, it was hard to get confident in it, but by the end of the afternoon it was fine. (Despite the uncomfortable corset - owch!)
                                                        Skirt - Alice and the Pirates
                                                        Cardigan - ETC

 I'd never taken part in a Murder Mystery before and wasn't sure what to expect. I fully expected to choke up and be too nervous to play my part properly, but with such good company it was easy to get into charchter and play the game. So, there we were, having tea and sandwiches when one of our party suddenly started choking and fell "dead" to the ground! (she was good too, we actually thought she was sick at first).

(I don't have pictures of everyone sorry, these are all taken from lovely Culloden's album with permission)

Our Host, rocking a 20's ganster style outfit!

 Our two murderers.. strangely enough the two sweet lolitas in the group. Who would suspect such cute little things of poisoning people, or killing someone with a hammer?!

 Culloden! Whose pictures I am using, in a pirate outfit that is to -die- for. Litterally. She got killed with a hammer...

Friday, 8 June 2012

Wonderland Photoshoot with Stephen Mercer


These are just the taster shots from the photoshoot I did recently with Stephen Mercer. He was an absolute joy to work with! He had a plan for everything he wanted to do, and took into account my suggestions and ideas. between us, we made it a really great shoot.

Monday, 21 May 2012

One dress, Three Outfits

                                                                Elegant Goth

                                                           Black and White Goth

                                                            Old-School Goth

All three of these outfits are based around the same plain black JSK. I believe a solid-coloured dress is an absolute must for any lolita, purely for the versitility they offer.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Classic Kodona

Some oufit pictures, from a small set of photos taken yesterday 



Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Sweet Kodona Style Icon; Nitrolion

Nitrolion ( is very much a style icon of mine, rocking the still-rare style Sweet Kodona!

                                                        Pink and White, with Black Star-clips

               Is that a PINK BOW TIE? Yes, yes it IS.             He even makes a perfect, traditional Kodona

                                          All photos taken from tumblr, and used with permission.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Ouji/Kodona-Dandy Fashion Vs Formalwear

A heartning thing to see is the current upswing in the popularity of Kodona/Ouji/Boy-style fashion. After all, it's always nice to see something you love get more recognition. However, for a fashion to become popular, new people need to start wearing it, and this brings in a lot of people who don't quite get it right. But nobody gets it right first time!
A very common mistake with boy-styles is to just wear any suit, or formal masculine clothing and call it Dandy. Yes, you probably look great in a suit, but it's not Boystyle. Just the same as throwing on a blouse and skirt isnt Lolita.

There really is ONE KEY to Kodona fashion;  DETAILS.
You can start with any suit, and so long as you wear the right accessories, make it work.

The first "accessories" you really must have, are a hat, and waistcoat (or vest).
Or, if you can pull it off, a sweater vest. Basically, anything that is worn between your shirt and jacket.
Look at these two images, it is immediately obvious which is Fashion and which is just formalwear, right?

The key differences are the details. In this case, pattern is used to make to for a lack of accessories. The pieces themselves are detailed with eye catching buttons and unusual print But even with few accessories, the model is still wearing 
something on her head, and has arranged her hair. Hair is important - EVEN FOR THE GENTLEMEN - make sure it is clean and brushed at least. A great look for longer hair, is to simply tie it back (or better- braid it), and add a bow or ribbon at the top of the tail.

Easy accessories include;
A Tie Pin (any brooch or even hair pin across your tie could substitute)
A Corsage
A Brooch on your Lapel
Flowers or feathers on your Hat
A Large vintage-style Ring.
 Hats are important in boy-style fashion. By far the most common hat is a black topper.
BUT, a suit + top hat does not equal Kodona/Dandy.
Hats too, need details.

First thing's first - avoid party and costume top hats. A real, plain hat is easy to find online, and will not break the bank. But compare the ordinary top hat to those by Alice and the Pirates (shown). You need to add interest. This is very easy to do with feathers, flowers, or even just a brooch or pin on the band or ribbon. Or even just add a larger or longer ribbon in a colour that compliments the rest of your outfit.

Okay, I'm starting to sound like a broken record now, but the details really will make that much difference.
Look at these waistcoats;


 They're both unpatterened, black, waistcoats. However, the difference is obvious. I am not saying that the first one cannot be dandy, and the second one will allways be so. My point is how much of a difference the details make. An unusual collar, unusual length, a different fabric, interesting buttons. All of these aspects things help!
You don't have to have them all at all times. But allways have at least one aspect, keeping it interesting.

More posts on Boystyle Fashion Including the rest of The Kodona Code can be found here;

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Pastel Goth

("the pastel goth" by Oblyvian at

"Pastel Goth" or "Creepy Cute" is a relatively new gothic substyle rising in polularity at an incredible rate. The basics of this style involve typical gothic elements (dark eyeliner, dyed hair, studded collars, ripped fishnet tights), clashing with cute childish elements (cartoon t-shirts and pink glittery hair accessories). The point is to juxtapose the harsh, dark elements, with the cute soft elements to create a kind of visual paradox of innocence and corruption all at once.

Think baby pink hair with black lipstick and/or those popular eyeball or bone shaped hairclips from Kreepsville. (