Friday, 18 November 2011

Kodona Code: Shirts and Blouses

Most, if not all lolita fashion blouses will work with Kodona, so long as you keep your style in mind. Big pink peter-pan collars will look cute with sweet styles, and high-collared styles with jabots, bows or cravats look great with classic and gothic style.
 That's not to say you can't mix it up. A white peter-pan collar with a gothic style will lend you a much younger little-boy look than a gentlemanly dandy look, but it can work.
 The great thing about dandy and boystyles, is that you don't really need a fancy or decoratibe blouse. A standard collared shirt can look just as nice, if not even more traditional and suave. The key with simple shirts is your neck wear.

However, be careful when buying shirts, especially in womens selections so you don't make this mistake that I made;

 Do you see that HUGE dip in the front between the collar and the buttons starting? Some blouses are produced this way because it's fashionable to wear them with the first few buttons undone. This is not a look that works with kodona fashion. I tried to remedy this by pinning the top together with a pin-on bow worn as a bow-tie, but that just left me with a gap above and/or below the bow.

Other than that small faux pas, there's really no limit to the type of blouse or shirt you can wear. Be it vintage, gothic, frilly, lolita or just a standard suit-shirt.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Halloween Meetup Photos

Happy November everyone. Here's some photos from our Halloween meetup from the 31st of October.
We went to the good old Willow Tea Rooms for lunch, tea and cake. Thanks to everyone who came along, fabulous company and fabulous costumes all round <3

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