Saturday, 3 December 2011

What is Kodona Fashion?

Gothic Lolita Fashion or, "Gothic Lolita" is a subculture fashion that originated in Harajuku, Japan, as a street-fashion and is influenced by and aims to imitate victorian clothing, and the image of fairy tale princesses, old world elegance and antique dolls.

I took an interest in this fashion since I'd always been interested in vintage and victorian styles.

Not to be confused by the blanket-term 'gothic lolita', there are many substyles of Lolita Fashion. Gothic Lolita is simply my personal favourite. Other styles include the popular Sweet Lolita, and Classical Lolita, and more minor substyles such as Guro Lolita, Ero Lolita, Shiro, Kuro and Themed Lolita styles.

Lolita fashion as a whole, and it's subsets have their own established brands and designers.

Some of the most popular for Gothic Lolita include;
          Black Peace Now (
          Alice and the Pirates (
          Moi Meme Moitie (


Sweet Lolita's most famous names include;
          Angelic Pretty (
          Baby The Stars Shine Bright (
          Metamorphose (


And for Classic Lolita there is;
         Victorian Maiden (
         Mary Magdalene (
         Innocent World (


And what about Boy-Style?
Boy-style, Kodona or Ouji-sama is the more masculine counterpart to Lolita. Immitating boys fashion inspired from the same eras that lolita is taken from; Rococo, Victorian and Edwardian.
Kodona could wear frock-coats, knee-shorts and top hats while Lolta wear petticoated dresses and hairbows.
There are no specifically Boy-Style brands, and it is a much less developed subset than the others, however, Alice and the Pirates, Peace Now and Metamorphose often have appropriately prince-like clothes for this look.