Sunday, 2 October 2011

Kodona Code: Trousers/Pants

Trousers, "Pants", or whatever you choose to call the bottom halfs of your outfit, are a very important key aspect of the whole look. Recently, 'Super Bloomers' emailed me asking for some advice on how to get your knickerbockers right, and I'm happy to help!
The most common style in kodona is above-knee length shorts. With long socks, and either knees showing or knees covered being completely acceptable. The knees-out look tends to give you a younger and more boyish appearance. Covered knees lends a slightly older, more dandy look.

 Notics, something you will not usually see in kodona bottoms, is flared ends. All shorts and trousers/pants are either straight-cut or cuffed at the ends. There are some examples out there of long trousers being boot-cut or slightly flared, or shorts being baggier, more like cullottes than fitted shorts, but these are rare and can be hard to pull off. Traditional, baggy Knickerbockers are always cuffed at the ends.

Some history;
Until after World War I boys customarily wore short pants in summer and knickerbockers in winter. At the onset of puberty, they graduated to long trousers. In that era, the transition to "long pants" was a major rite of passage!, andthe pants have become snugger in recent decades.

You might also hear the term "plus fours" for this style of trousers. The name comes from the simple fact that they are four inches longer than standard Knickers (which would be knee length). Plus Fours are most commonly associated with golfers, and other sports.
Less common, but also around are "plus twos" and "plus sixes".


  1. Thank you for the article! It's very informative for the novice. ^_^

  2. You're very welcome! I'm glad you found it helpful <3


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