Saturday, 17 September 2011

Kodona Code: The Cravat

A key aspect of any boy style or dandy outfit is the neckwear. I would say, honestly, the neckwear is as important to a dandy outfit as headwear is to a lolita outfit! It just completes the look.
The most common type is the formal Cravat shown abouve. This is historially a wide, patterned cloth worn tied at the neck and pinned with a tie pin.
Of course there are many types of neckwear to experiment with!
For a more casual look, there is always the Ascot tie, traditionally thinner than the cravat and worn under the collar, as shown here;

Another very popular style in dandy fashion is the Jabot;

Essentially, a long lace tie. Much more decorative and extravagant than the cravat or ascot.

Last but not least, there is the bow tie. Modern bow ties are usually pre-tied, and on straps to put easily around your neck. Bow ties can be as formal or as casual as any other type of tie, depending on the size, material and pattern of them.
A black or white silk tie of course being the most formal, all the way to large lacy bow ties as flamboyant as jabots, or even understated ascot-fabric bow ties that are more casual.

Here are some guides to various tie-knots. The first image is for a traditional bow-tie, the second is for varying types of cravat!

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