Sunday, 21 August 2011

Making a tricorn hat

I made the hat I was wearing in the previous post myself, and took some pictures during the process. This is in no way supposed to be a proper tutorial, just a small process post.

I based my process on this tutorial for "how to turn a straw hat into a bonnet":

And just changed the shape from bonnet, to tricorn. Before covering it in the fabric and decorating.
First, I covered the main part of the hat in fabris and sewed the top edge to keep the peices together. Its basically a circle and a long strip attached around the edges.


Another long strip around the brim;


Pin it all down to make sure it covers properly then unpin a little bit at a time and glue down the unpinned parts as you go.
then turn the top-part material inside out so the edge is on the inside, and glue that down too.



The wole process took a while, but it wasn't at all difficult :)

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Transport Museum Meetup

The Transport Museum was a big part in the lives of most people who grew up in or around Glasgow, so when they moved to a bigger, better, new location we just had to go and see it!

A firm favourite section of the museum is called "Old Street", where there is a street set up as it would have been in the victorian era in Glasgow. For the new incarnation of the Transport Museum this section was not only kept, but expanded to include shop interiors and access to a period subway train <3

Here I am, making friends with a funeral horse, who was pulling a beautiful black carridge complete with coffin.

Trains, running underground for over 100 years.

And the famous Tall Ship "The Glenlee"!

My Outfit:
OP - Eccentrique
Hat and Bag - Vintage
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