Saturday, 25 June 2011

Sweet Kodona/Rococo Shoe-Shopping

(from Ebay shop: RedCarpetShoes)

Now that my eyes have opened to the world of pastels a little, I find myself more into Rococo style than any pop-kei styles. It's the victorian goth in me, I want the exact same ruffle and flounce in velvet and brocade, but I'm just willing to branch out in the colour wheel more.
Something that took me completely by surprise is the world of colourful shoes. All my current shoes are black, brown or red. And there's one white pair.
That was I really needed. Standard black maryjanes go with everything after all.

My interest was sparked by these pink loafers I spotted while wandering the city center yesterday:

(Schuh "Villa" Loafer)and these, (Schuh "Mindy" loafer)

Aren't they wonderful? The colour in real life is a vivid, but not overpowering sugar pink. They would look fantastic with any sweet Kodona outfit, although I can't decide which would look best; the high heels or the flat version. The high heels are slightly too high for my usual taste, but they would look quite stunning. The flat ones however, might be cuter for a more trasitional kodona/lolita look.
The same could be said for these:(Office: William Tell)
These also come in plain black <3
(Yosuke Leche)

This picture has been kicking around my folders for a long time. Every time I see it, i regret not buying them when I had the chance more and more.
(Irregular Choice: "Tea and Cakes" in Pink)

Not a style I would ever have considered before, but am deffinately looking at now.
(Irregular Choice: "Rosanna")

These might be my favourites of the whole list. Imagine them with a Melty Chocolate, or Metamorphose candy house or fruit punch print co-ordinate in mint.
Personally, I'd wear them with my Bodyline mint Clock skirt.

And last, but certainly not least, the shoe that started it all:
(Irregular Choice "Spoilt Rotten" in mint with white rabbits)

While the red band looks quite intrusive in this picture, it's not so much in real life and the green and white stripes are far more obvious. I can imagine these in so many co-ordinates, sweet or not, pastel or red or even black, or alice themed.

A key aspect of any outfit is the shoes, they really do "make the outfit", and statement, unusual shoes is something I've always been a sucker for!

Which are your favourites?
What kind of shoes would you wear with sweet kodona?

Or what unsual styles do you like to see worn with Lolita?


  1. Pleaser do some very nice Rococo style shoes :D

  2. The shoes you put in this post are fantastic!!! *Wants to buy them all*

    I'm usually a boot kind of person. My favorite boots are Victorian and pirate-ish boots (in other words AatP stuff and an occasional random find) and then outside of lolita I like Doc Martens, knee-high Converse, and steel toed work boots.

    I also love oxford styled shoes, and think (like your first two listed shoes) they go well with kodona.

    I don't know if this counts as unusual styles mixed in with it, but I love a "normal" outfit that suddenly has a lolita skirt, and conversely, a regular lolita outfit with bloomers and no skirt or petticoat at all. xD

  3. I love the white shoes! I understand your regrets. :) The ones at the top I think I'd wear too.

  4. That "Rosanna" shoes were SO beautiful! :O Want them now! x'D


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