Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Kodona Code: From lolita to kodona?

Something I get asked quite frequently is “How do I go from Lolita to Kodona?”
Since starting the Kodona Code along with Amanda, we hope to answer this, and many other common questions. It may seem daunting, after all, the two styles, despite being complimentary are, arguably, opposites to each other. But really it’s not that difficult to go from one to the other.

If you are already a Lolita, and want to start working some boy style outfits into your wardrobe there is a fairly simple way to make sure you get it right.
Imagine the Lolita basics. Knee length skirt, blouse, headwear, high socks, petticoat, shoes.
And apply them in parallel to Boy Style. Knee length shorts, shirt/blouse, hat, high socks, shoes.
In general try to stick to similar rules. Your dandy shorts or trousers should be roughly the same length as the skirt you would wear for Lolita.
Socks should meet the ends of your shorts, this rule is more flexible in Lolita but I think Kodona starts to look messy if your socks are not even with your trousers.
Keep in mind that Boy style is a very formal look. It can, like Lolita, be made casual and worn in a more casual manner, but like Lolita, nicely fitted and better quality clothes will always look nicer.
While the Lolita shape has the round, puffy cupcake or bell shape, try to imagine sharper lines and more straight edges for Kodona.
Headwear is just as important for boystyle as it is in Lolita. Imagine a hat where a Lolita would wear a headdress.
Neckwear is something that is maybe more specific to boy style. In Lolita fashion, the blouses and Ops often have detailed collars that don’t need to be changed. Boy style fashion really calls for neckwear, from something as simple as a tie, or bowtie, to a puffy cravat or lace jabot. This small detail will make any outfit come together and look more complete.

Your colour scheme can be directly imposed from your Lolita style. Black and white gothic looks, floral and dusty classic shades or cute pastel sweet colours are all well and good.
Use the same co-ordination principles too, have your colours and patterns compliment each other.

Lolita and Kodona, are not so different after all are they?

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  1. It was helpful to read this, since I'm hoping to add Aristo to my lolita wardrobe. Better start looking around for a hat...


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