Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Boy Dandy Photoshoot

Today, Harry ( and I went out and about for another photoshoot. This time with a dandy theme rather than lolita. (mostly out of us both being utterly enamoured by the red coat.. haha)
It was cold and misty, which added a nice atmosphere. Some of the ice was still on the ground, making it all slippery at some points! Luckily I didn't fall. Although it was a close one!


  1. These are great! You make such a dapper dandy, and that coat is just beautiful :D

  2. Beautiful pics! I especially love the silhouette one. The coat certainly is awesome.

  3. What a beatiful pics ! I love your outfit, it's so elegant <3

  4. You make a wonderful dandy.
    And that tail-coat is stunning <3

  5. So stunning ; A; <3
    Do you have any tips :D <3


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