Saturday, 15 January 2011

2011, Year of the Dandy?

Is it my imagination, or has there been a massive increase in interest in kodona and the boy-style side of our beloved fashion? Todays valentines post opened my eyes to it, as there were four valentines for soem well-deserving dandys in our community!
I will never completely abandon Lolita style, of course, I love it equally to Kodona/Ouji, but it is quite exciting to see the latter become more popular. maybe there will be more development on that side of things this year?
Lolita has evolved and changed so much, so many sub-styles and obvious 'eras' have come and gone. Maybe it's time for the princes to catch up?


  1. It would be exciting to see kodona grow and evolve. I feel the same way about masculine Aristocrat (which I hope to add to my wardrobe eventually) as you do about ouji. While not "prince style," it expresses my "prince self," if that makes sense.

  2. I had to smile because of the last Valentine. The girl is Fauryn, my best friend (and I'm the metioned dress-maker^^)

    For me 2011 starts at least with a lot of Dandy/Kodona. Because Fauryn and me will celebrate our birthday together on 23th January with the theme: Dandy and Kodona^^

  3. Ah! It's good to hear from you. I look forward to seeing pictures of you both from your celebration. Kodona and Dandy, our time is now!


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