Friday, 4 September 2009

Photos that don't relate to each other.

While waiting to hear about my potential new job (now that the pool is closed for the season), I had some spare time. During this time I kept myself busy, and as usual, ended up with a whole lot of photos that don't relate to each other whatsoever! So here they are :D

First, is this beautiful blanket that came in the post from Mum! It's so comfy, so soft. And so pretty.

This is Mount Iwate, as seen from the parking spaces in front of Aeon in Morioka.

These is the prizes inside a machine in the arcade inside Aeon.. I tried to win one for Bry but I couldn't do it.

This is taiyaki. My new favourite snack food

This is a very steep downhill, taken from a quite high up a mountain road on the edges of Kunohe.

This is... a really flashy car infront of lawson in ninohe.
wait... what? lets see that again..

yeah, it is.

Here we have the most gigantic can of grape squash ever, and the tiniest bottle of blueberry stuff ever. I'm not sure I was supposed to drink the blueberry stuff straight, since it was really stong (in a non-acloholic way), but I did anyway and it was really nice!

And last but not least, "Fanta World", because Italy is peach flavoured, apparently.

This morning I went to the nursery school to intoduce myself to the kids and teachers, I got the job there, and I start next wednesday! Sounds like it's going to be fun <3

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  1. ^_^!! Congratulations on getting the job~~
    I'm slightly confused as to how Italy is peace flavoured too...but relieved that they didn't choose something like coffee or pastaaaaa flavour XD
    Glad things are going well~~