Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Nursery School Sensei

Last week I started working at Toda Nursery school, I wasn't sure what to expect, and I have learned a lot already! Mostly that kids always have more energy, and that they can and will run rings around you all day! Also I've discovered that I know a lot more japanese that I thought I did! so that was a nice confidence boost. Of course it's not perfect, but the other teachers don't know any english at all, and so far there's been no trouble communicating important information (I think! ;) )
Every morning involves a routine of games, and songs and dances, all of which I'm learning for the first time. Including "Anpanman", which is stuck in my head. I think Anpanman is about a baker, or a person made of bread.. that goes about giving kids bread when they're hungry, like a bread-based super hero! I can't think if there's something similar in the UK, I don't remember right now.
Last saturday we went on a trip in the morning to the local primary-school, where the kids were to go up on stage and sing some nursery rhymes to the hall full of senior citizens for "Over 75 years old day". It was really cute, and went down well. Straight after us there were some other older women in some amazing kimono and makeup doing traditional dancing, also for this celebration.
And interesting day!

Next weekend is a long weekend, and by co-incidence a friend from home is visitiing Tokyo, so I'm making arrangements to go hang out in Tokyo for the weekend. I'm looking forward to it! No doubt my next post will be photos of Tokyo :)

Sorry there's no photos this time!

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