Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Odaiba + bonus photos

On sunday morning we got up early, our hostel was in Asakusa right next to the shrine;

There's Dana modeling the shrine! :p

we got our group together and headed out to odaiba for the day to see all the things there is to see on Odaiba;

Gundam-san with his eyes lit up! He made a little speech shortly after this...

and this is for all my fellow Pokemon-ites ;D It made me giggle out loud..

And here, the impressive fountain INSIDE the venus fort shopping centre.. yeah. The whole building was done up inside to look like a beautiful outdoor shopping street.
Oh, and there were Purikura machines in here :)


~~Next, bonus photos :p ~~

This one is from Disney, I'm not sure why I decided not to post it yesterday. There was no Alice area in disney Sea but this sue looks like the cheshire cat made his appearance anyway! I <3 you Cheshire Cat!

And here's the bear I bought;

So.. cuute. I've been calling him "B", short for "bear".. some of you may notice this nickname is similar to "B" short for "bryan".. I like this nickname. And B-short-for-bear takes up less bed space ;) (but isn't as good at hugs..).

I also had a photo of a drink i tried today,

"strawberry milk" mmm! Sounds good, right? Oh no.. no no no. It was strawberry milk, yes, but there was milk flavoured CHUNKS in it too. Blergh.

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