Saturday, 18 July 2009

Yamada beach and Keitai.

Last weekend's two-day cabin party was a blast. I met a good 40-50 new people in one go from all corners of the world, all come together in iwate. It was good fun.I wish I'd taken some photots though, the beach was beautiful and the people were nice.

[caption id="attachment_151" align="alignnone" width="604" caption="Teina to Deina"]Teina to Deina[/caption]

This is myself and Dana. Our names are written in japanese as "Teina" and "Deina". In katakana the only difference between these names is two little dots over the "te" (two dots changes the sound to "de").

This week has been about essentials. Setting up internet, getting a phone and making  a bank account. All of which were completed with some success. I even got a part-time job for the next few weeks untill the schools start backafter summer.

This is my new phone! (With attached otousan plushie, which speaks if you squeeze it..)


  1. The phone is so swanky! There is an eva phone that was released, I want to buy one of those when I come over! I'm loving the blog, its like you're still here :)

  2. there was! It's a Docomo model though, I went for Softbank. I think it's probably expensive too.. but still cool XD