Monday, 27 July 2009


It's raining today, raining heavily. Shouldn't rainy season be over by now *siigh*?

Well, last week, on a day similar to this one, I walked down to Ibonai (the centre of Kunohe). I did this mostly to prove that I could, and to investigate what Kunohe centre had to offer. I found a clothes shop, mostly with old-woman farmer clothes. A shoe shop of a similar ilk. A magazine and stanionery shop (yay)! Which, when I went in I heard the usual "irrashaimase.." followed by "Ah! Tina-san!". A kindly woman I'd met at the weekend was there, showing the shop keeper a photo she'd taken that very weekend of myself and Helen (the daughter of the family that had come to stay)! She's friends with the shop keeper there, and as a result I got a discount on a pretty new journal. Nice people, everywhere, Glasgow could learn a thing or two!
And I stopped in at Fumiko-san's family shop on the way back to buy a new umbrella, because the rain was getting heavy and the one I had was broken..

I decided to go and investigate ibonai shrine while I was there, and hoped to find somewhere to sit up there to eat my lunch (onigiri from Lawson.. I am classy).

here we have Ibonai shrine gate, it's litterally right accross from lawson. So I sauntered with my new brolly up the stairs.

The shrine itself. Overgrown, a quiet, but I think it's quite nice.

I took shelter here and ate my lunch while I waited for the rain to stop a bit. which it didn't... aand didn't.. and eventually I had to give up and make the walk home in the rain.

here's the view of the gate from the top of the stairs.

A few days ago I was in Ninohe and spotted another mysterious shrine;

This one will have to wait to be investigated, because I couldn't work out how to get to the bridge over to it! But one day I'm sure I'll see it properly.

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  1. I love the way this shrine looks like its hiding :)