Monday, 27 July 2009

more random objects of everyday life

I do have some worthwhile photos, but I was taking them on my japanese phone while I was out and not on my faithful old phone as I do when in the house. And it turns out that the complexities of connecting that phone to my laptop and getting the photos off it are boundless, so untill I work it out (or find someone who knows how to work it), here's another post of random stuff I have aquired through everyday life.

First, Softbank tissues.

I got these free with my phont too..

A Kunohe towel! I got this as a souvenir from the ping pong tournament last Friday along with this;

A COOL JUMBO.. whatever a Cool Jumbo may be. Any ideas?
The ping pong tournament was a great laugh, I was lucky and was almost always at a table with Fumiko or Tachibana-san. That was pure chance since we were given places according to a number you pulled out of a box, and we all arrived at different times! Anyway, the twist of this tournament was that there were no bats. You had to use one of an assortment of items as a bat, like a slipper or a frying pan or a rice ladle. I used a slipper! Here's a photo of the table of objects;

"Aloe and grape" juice. Yeah. and it had chunks of grape in it! or at least, grape flavoured jelly. It was surprisingly tasty, I really liked it after I got over the shock of the chunks of grape.

This one I think was pear flavoured. it says "furansu supaakuringu" on the right there.. which I could swear means France Sparkling.. but there's a picture of a pear. regardless of what this is or was, it pretty nasty. Not very nasty, I still drank it, but I wouldn't reccomend it.

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  1. These things look so awesome! It looks like a cool jumbo is used for... keeping salad in water? Well I'm guessing that from the picture. Can't imagine why you'd do that, though. Also I have a feeling that furansu supaakuringu mascot is going to give me nightmares O_O

    You need to built p a veritable collection of awesome japanese merch :D