Tuesday, 24 March 2009

japan preperations

Looking over the visa requirements again, I have a decent chance of being successful. I have the money, I'm within the age limit, I'm not going to be working for a major company, I have a passport.. I've got things sorted when it comes to bank accounts and internet, pretty much. I know what I have to do once I get there, so I just have to do some more working outsmall details, and we're good to go!
I even have my tokyo-to-kunohe travel plan, so that's a weight of my mind for now.

All 'n all, I'm terrified. Absolutely and utterly terrified. I am going to be all alone, on the other side of the planet, in a small country village cut off from the rest of the country and that country will be as far removed from home as can be and almost entirely devoid of familliar faces. There's a lot of worried to go with it like, what about my friends that might forget about me? Or what if something major happens while I'm not here. I think I am going to be lonely for a while at first

But these are the things we have to deal with for a good thing. And the good times will be so worth all the bad times. I am EXCITED. But I'm not going to say "I can't wait!", because I really really can wait. I need to wait untill I have studied more kanji and I need to wait while I pour over life details and get things organized and I need to wait untill I finish college.

But it's all go now!


  1. You'll be fine, everything will get sorted out.

    And like you say, you'll see me soon enough :D

  2. I thought Bry was going with you? That sucks if he isn't, but like you said it's a worthwhile and unique oppertunity, just hope it all goes well. ^^

  3. Heya. That sounds like the same sorta stuff as before i went to brazil, and honestly, ull fit in real quick, ull be surrounded by the language so ull pick it up easily. And theres always net cafes if ya miss me too much ;-) Hope ur okay x


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