Sunday, 24 June 2018

Vampire Prince's Wardrobe Videos

Over on my Youtube Channel I've been doing videos showing my wardrobe.
This is in addition to the yearly Wardrobe Post here on my blog.

The most recent installment is my collar collection:

Detachable collars and neck peices are very common in Lolita and Ouji fashion.
You can buy them individually to change the look of other clothing items, or they come with a dress or shirt and you can then mix and match them yourself.

Previously I did videos on my Coats and Shoes:

What area of clothing should I focus on next?

Friday, 22 June 2018

LBC: Create a nautical Co-ord

This week's "Lolita Blog Carnival" theme is to "Create a Nautical Co-ordinate"

Summer is often associated with sailor themed outfits.
Metamorphose in particular have a reputation for releasing sailor peices ever summer.

A key feature of this style is the simple, solid blocks of colour.
Usually black or navy blue with white.
I wanted to do something more old-school. Inpsired by meta's sailor collections of the past.

(metamorphose sailor jumpsuit 2006)

(metamorphose sailor top and skirt 2006)

My two examples are based on the King and Queen of Spades outfits I did recently.

Outfit Rundown:
Cutsew - Maximam
Skirt - Victorian Maiden
Salopette - Innocent World.

More blogs on this topic: 

Thursday, 21 June 2018

LowDownAndDandy in Helsinki

LowDownAndDandy is a confirmed vendor for Eternal Twilight.

The event will be held in Helsinki on September 15th.

I've been busy making new items to stock the table.
Some of them are avaliable NOW on the Etsy Store.

Friday, 1 June 2018

The King of Spades

The Card Suit series is now half-way finished. 

Just the same as the Queen of Spades, the King of Spades was filmed at Stirling Castle.

Music used in this video by Yetaxa

When used like Tator cards, for divination. The Spades represent Swords, and Air.

Photography by @XargonDragon

Outfit Rundown:

Cutsew: Maximam
Salopette: Innocent World
All accessories offbrand.

If you haven't seen the King and Queen of Hearts yet, have a look!

Next up is the Diamonds of Clubs.

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