Friday, 9 February 2018

Adam Ant Photoshoot + Vlog

(above - behind the scenes Vlog)

Another shoot with GerryQuiff!
We previously did this Light-Up-Lolita Shoot.

(above - Makeup Tutorial for the look worn on this shoot)

(Instagram @gravelvet)

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Monday, 5 February 2018

Alice in Wonderland Watercolour Speedpaint

Did you ever notice that fan art of Alice nearly always has stripey socks?
I wonder why that is...

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Friday, 26 January 2018

Gothic and Guro Wardrobe Post 2018

Wardrobe Post season has come again.
 This is more of a Warobe Highlight Reel than a full collection.

As always my main styles are Guro and Ouji.

A lot of my wardrobe is vintage and offbrand, but I will list what I can.
Top right shirt by Triple Fortune.
Medical style shirt from metamorphose.
Bat-sailor collar shirt from SurfaceSpell
Sheer Bat top from CuteLouCouture.

Coat with long cape from Hnaoto.
White tail coat from Alice and the Pirates.

  From left to right, top to bottom: taobao, AATP, Hnaoto, Laughing Vampire.
Metamorphose, handmade, Peace Now and offbrand.

 The four Vampire Prints from Alcie and the Pirates.

Cardcaptor Sakura Embroidery Dress was a gift.
Triple Fortune blood splatter skirt, and cyberoptix pill print scarf.

Dangerous Nude "Medusa" Skirt and Scarf set.
HNaoto white OP.

Angelic Pretty Wonder Queen

AATP Vampire Requiem (altered from skirt to shorts: VIDEO)

AATP and offbrand waistcoats.

Metamorphose 2007 Velveteen OP,
Metamorphose Long Nun OP.
Metamorphose Swan Border Coatdress.

Vintage military style hat. Unknown vintage blood splattered crown.
Skinkurose horn headdress.
Elegy Bunny Hood.
Skinkurose Bat Crown.
H+M bat wing headband.

Antique Beast Bat-Ear Headdresses
Medusa Couture Bat Bonnets
BlahBlahHospital Nurse Hat
Royal pricness Alice nurse hat.
 LunaticLemonyLolipop Angel Wing Headbands

From top to bottom, left to right:
BTSSB, offbrand,
BTSSB, Marble
SummerTalesBoutique, Victorian Maiden.

Buckle shoes from Iron Fist.
Buckled boots from YosukeUSA.
Holographic boots from DollsKill.
The rest are offbrand.

My wardrobe hasn't changed much in the past year.
If you are curious about past wardrobe posts, here's the one from 2017.